Franchisor Consulting & Development provides various services to help grow your business into a successful and profitable franchise system

Franchise/Business Feasibility Study can examine and determine whether your business is viable for franchising. There are many critical factors to consider and examine to understand the feasibility. will be your growth partner and provide you with strategies that will help you to become an great franchisor.

Operational Manual

Operational manual details the daily operations and requirements of the business are critical to the success of any franchise. These documents are essential and critical to the effective management of franchisees.


The training you offer for your franchisee is a critical component of your offer. The quality of training you provide will have an impact on success of business operation. We provide the assistance to help develop your training manual.

Franchisee Performance Evaluation

Franchisee performance evaluation is important for a smooth business relationship. We can assist in the ongoing evaluation of individual franchisees and the performance of their franchise business.
Already a franchisor? We can help you too with our franchise packages for existing franchisors. The only thing we love as much as developing great franchise brands and systems from scratch, is proving how vital and valuable our services can be to legacy franchisors. As an existing franchisor another common issue we hear a lot is that they are having trouble finding enough franchisees or the right ones. Or perhaps they are growing too slowly.

This could be for a number of reasons including;

Franchisee marketing & Recruitment

At we specialize in helping Franchisors recruit better quality franchisees and more of them.
We are very experienced in this area of franchising.
Outsourcing your franchisee recruitment to may be the smartest decision and its being savvy for franchisors those wishing to grow quickly with a razor sharp focus on future, maximise brand penetration or simply launch their brand with an expert by their side.